A to Z Counseling was established in 2004 by lifelong residents of Clearwater County with a passion and commitment not only to the profession of behavioral health treatment, but a love of the community and a desire to bring positive and much needed resources to the area with particular passion for providing interventions and preventative treatment for the youth and disadvantaged adults.

Our investment is personal and heartfelt and our understanding and appreciation of the unique needs of our special community are unparalleled. Since 2004, we have been serving the Orofino community and surrounding areas that we have grown up and raised our own families in.

Our agency serves all ages, families, and individuals with Mental Health struggles.

We are a credentialed provider for Behavioral Health with the State of Idaho.  We accept Medicaid, Medicare, BPA, State funding, most insurance and we work with individuals without insurance to make treatment affordable or to access resources that may be available to help with treatment.

At A to Z you will find some of the most compassionate and dedicated people that reside in the Valley and on the Hilltop delivering quality treatment and services.  Every staff member not only works in the profession, but they have donated countless hours and resources to helping those we serve and the community at large, as it is our collective goal to be of service and bring great things to the community we love and live in.


We strive to assist all individuals in our area affected by behavioral health concerns to achieve their quality of life goals through a coordinated system of care based on individual needs assisting  with management of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors or lacking skills that are interfering with their ability to function in any or all of their environments. We uphold a climate of unconditional positive regard while utilizing a variety of treatments and services intended to foster well being, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility for ultimate empowerment and success in managing needs with the least amount of professional intervention, promoting independence, recovery, and resilience.


That all individuals affected by behavioral health issues receive the support, treatment, and respect that they deserve to be and do everything that they are capable of and to have quality of life that fosters contentment on their own terms.


We are here to listen…

Not work miracles

We are here to help people discover what they are feeling…

Not to make feelings go away

We are here to help people identify their options…

Not to decide for them what they should do.

We are here to help people discover their own strength…

Not rescue them and leave them still vulnerable

We are here to help people discover they can help themselves…

Not take responsibility for them.

We are here to help people learn to choose…

Not to make it unnecessary to make difficult choices.

We are here to provide support for change.