Currently we are offering telephonic, video and in-person counseling sessions both in the office and community based for all services that we offer except for Respite.  Our front doors remain locked during business hours so that we are able to control the number of people in our office for maintaining safe distancing. Patrons are asked to ring the doorbell for entry.

In-person clients must not have any current COVID symptoms, in particular, fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms.

 Facial coverings are required to enter the building. Once inside the therapist office with the therapist safely behind the safety shield, masks may be removed.  Weather permitting, we also offer sessions in a private area outside of the building at a safe social distance. 

We ask that consumers practice social distancing, consideration, hygiene and washing or sanitizing hands as needed for safety while on site. Sanitizer and hand washing are readily available. 

For those who prefer telehealth, or have current COVID symptoms or prefer not to wear masks,  we will continue to offer telephonic and video appointment options. 

We have resumed providing small respite groups for children practicing and teaching the rules of social distancing and personal responsibility and safety with children in our program. 

Crisis center services continue to be offered to individuals in-person as long as they are not exhibiting any active COVID or flu-like symptoms.  For admission to the center consumers are required to shower and wear center issued clothing for the duration of their stay and wear masks when not behind a safety shield in the presence of others.  Personal items will be washed and sanitized and returned at discharge.

Masks will be required in our facility when individuals are not separated by the safety shields that have been improvised, as long as CDC guidelines continue to recommend use.  We have made multiple accommodations within the office to make the experience  as comfortable as possible to meet your needs while maintaining the utmost safety.