A to Z Counseling is the Clearwater County Location  of the Rural Crisis Center Network  for Region 2, which encompasses Clearwater, Lewis, Idaho, NezPerce and Latah Counties in North Central Idaho.  A to Z  Crisis Center provides short term stabilization, behavioral health services, and access to resources and supports at no cost to everyone ages 18+.  

The Rural Crisis Network has been established by Idaho Code to provide transitional de-escalation, stabilization and community referral services to Individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis and in need of supports to get through their temporary state of upset in a safe and caring environment. 

This is a voluntary outpatient facility, participants can be admitted for under 24 hours and they must agree to follow the code of conduct and engage in services, they are free to leave at any time.   

Call our office for more information or to set up a time to tour the facility.

Crisis services may be accessed  24/7/365 by calling the office number.