• Joanne Deyo, LCSW
    Therapist/Clinical Treatment Supervisor

    Joanne Deyo is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Boise State and her Master’s from Eastern Washington. Joanne is a certified clinical supervisor for the State of Idaho and she has been providing Mental Health treatment to adults, children, families and couples with A to Z Counseling since 2007. Prior to that, she worked at the Department of Health and Welfare in Family and Children and Community Services. Joanne and her husband are long-time residents of Clearwater County, they raised their family here and are actively involved in activities and programs that serve the community. Joanne’s treatment philosophy is modeled after Adlerian Theory, although she has an eclectic and individualized approach and uses various evidence-based interventions for treatment. Joanne sees clients of all ages and has experience treating a broad range of issues.

  • Annie Cahill, LCSW
    Therapist/Clinical Treatment Supervisor

    Annie Cahill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker ( LCSW). She obtained her undergraduate BSW degree from Lewis Clark State College and her graduate degree from Boise State. Annie has been working with A to Z Counseling since 2008 specializing in groups and individual treatment with children and providing family therapy using primarily a Cognitive Behavioral approach. Annie is a compassionate and supportive listener and able to connect with the youth population when others are sometimes unsuccessful.  Annie is passionate about helping kids, but she works well with all ages and is very  empathetic, helpful and caring with everyone she serves.

  • Loyce Crawford, LCSW
    Therapist/ Clinical  Treatment and Personnel Supervisor

    Loyce Crawford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She obtained her undergraduate degree from Lewis Clark State College and her master’s degree from Walla Walla College. She holds a certificate of Advanced Professional Studies in Adlerian Psychotherapy.  Loyce has experience as an Independent Therapist, a Jr. High School Counselor, a Clinician for Children’s Mental Health with the Department of Health and welfare as well as a Targeted Service Coordinator for Adults and Children with Developmental Disabilities.  Loyce was Founder and Co-facilitator of a 24-hour crisis line for victims of Domestic Violence, sexual abuse and Rape.  She has lived and worked in small rural communities most of her life and understands the joys and challenges this lifestyle offers.  Loyce uses a variety of evidence based counseling tools, including but not limited to:   CBT, Person Centered, Solution Focus as well as Adlerian Psychotherapy.  Loyce has a very positive outlook on life and about the people she treats.  She believes that everyone can make changes that will assist them to live life to the best of their ability.

  • Cindy O’Brien, MBA – CBRS/Case Manager
  • Steve O’Brien, BS – CBRS/Case Manager
  • Eva Squires, BS – CBRS/Case Manager
  • Heather Fowler, PSS/YSS –  Peer Support Specialist
  • Diane Cochran, MEd.,HI, TCC
  • Debra Easom, PSS/YSS
  • Kyler Dupea, BS – Case Manager/CBRS
  • Sarah Dupea, BS – Case Manager/CBRS/PSS
  • Marytheresa Sommer, FSP
  • Josh Jennings, Respite Care
  • Shaun Hollace, PSS/YSS


  • Ashley Blanchard – Office Manager
  • Diana Few – Receptionist/Secretary


  • Cindy O’Brien, Owner/Director

    Born in Lewiston and raised in Clearwater County, Cindy O’Brien has an investment, commitment and passion for serving her home and surrounding communities. She and her husband Steve, who works alongside her in the business as a CBR Specialist, have lived most of their lives in Clearwater County. They married in 1987 and raised their two children in this community and are dedicated to helping everyone struggling with behavioral health issues. Cindy has been working with at risk youth and their families since 1999. Growing up in the community and having personal experience with the struggles and limited resources available to the economically disadvantaged, it is A to Z’s mission to bring quality treatment and resources to serve the citizens of our home. As Owner/Director of the agency it is Cindy’s responsibility to not only manage the business, personnel and it’s quality assurance, but to recruit and maintain staff with a variety of skills and strengths to serve the individual needs of the small but diverse population. Cindy makes sure that her staff strives to keep up with the best treatments available and she works hard to assist the clients and therapists to find the right treatments to help people deal with life and circumstances.